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Choosing the Right Business Brokers

Whether you’re buying or selling a business, having a broker on your side can make the difference between a successful outcome and a nightmare. However, not all business brokers will be suitable for your specific situation. Use the tips below to choose the right broker for your needs.

Start by asking for referrals from your inner circle of business advisers and colleagues. Have any used a business broker in the past? Were they satisfied? Does the broker handle the type of transaction you have in mind?

You may need to widen your net to find a pool of qualified business brokers that specialize in brokering deals such as yours. Once you have several potential brokers, it’s time to get down to business and narrow the field down. Below are several key factors to consider:

- Is the individual or firm professional? Professionalism shows in numerous ways including personal appearance, the presentation of marketing materials, website, language, mannerisms, and expertise. Use both objectivity and your gut instinct. Remember, the broker you choose will be representing your business so make sure you’re fully comfortable with the person and firm you choose.

- Does the broker have experience working with businesses like yours? While it’s not necessary for the business broker to have specific experience in your exact niche, it’s helpful for the broker to understand the nature of your business and have experience brokering deals with similar characteristics. For example, if you run a family-owned microbrewery, a broker with a successful track record brokering deals for small wineries, family-owned specialty food manufacturers, or small brewpubs may not know the finer points of brewing beers but could be an excellent choice thanks to experience with similar businesses.

- What qualifications does the broker have? Look for licensing, education, certification, experience, and membership in professional associations.

- Is the broker well prepared? In other words, did the business broker do his or her research prior to your initial meeting? Brokers use comparable sales, business and industry reports, and other tools to price businesses. Your business broker should be able to support any suggested listing prices, which should be presented in writing, with documentation.

- If you are selling your business, find out how the broker intends to market your business. Brokers have many marketing tools available to market their business listings. However, some prefer to use specific marketing techniques over others. Make sure to ask the broker to present a detailed marketing plan.

- What type of businesses does the broker work with? For example, if your business has annual revenues in the $50 million range, you’ll need a special type of buyer making it important to choose a business broker capable of attracting those high net worth individuals and investors.

- Check references. No matter how professional, personable, experienced, qualified, and prepared potential broker appear, cover your bases by checking references. Ideally, the broker should give you references from businesses with similarities to yours.

Choosing the right broker to sell your business or help you find a business to buy is a process. Do your part to ensure a successful outcome by choosing wisely.

How To Generate Free Leads For Your Network Marketing Business Online

Let’s face it, if you can’t generate leads for your network marketing business then you may as well quit now, before it costs you anymore. Being able to able to generate leads is the lifeblood of any business let alone your network marketing business, and without a shadow of a doubt if you don’t generate a continuous supply of quality targeted leads you WILL go broke.

But there is also a burning question that I get asked more than most by the network marketers I talk to, and that is ” how do I get leads for little or no money?” Well you might be surprised to know that the answer to that is quite simple really, it’s by using the worldwide web, more commonly known as the internet.

Going online and using the internet is easily the best place for you to find pre-qualified prospects, and attract hordes of potential customers and/or distributors and team members to your business for little or no money.

So read on as I share some simple techniques you can use to generate free leads for your network marketing business.

1. Forum Commenting.

Posting comments in network marketing forums is an excellent way to generate free leads for your business. There are thousands of network marketers who hang out on these forums reading, writing and looking for answers to their problems. So when you go and take part in these discussions, and add valuable information pertinent to the discussions, you can quite quickly establish yourself as an expert, thereby attracting people to your business.

Another advantage to this method is by posting a comment, you add your url to your message or profile which generates a back link to your website, which Google will look at favourably. So begin right away to make a list of your niche related network marketing forums by using Google search and begin taking part in any relevant discussions.

2. Blog Commenting.

Commenting on other niche related blogs and social networking profiles will also help you to generate more free leads for your business. But please, don’t confuse this with spamming. Just make sure you ALWAYS leave a constructive comment relevant to the post. Don’t just say” good blog post” Your comment should ALWAYS add value to the original post. And remember similarly to forum commenting, when you leave your blog comment it will contain your name and a link to your website, your blog or even your social media profile, you choose!

3. Article Writing.

Writing niche specific articles can be a very powerful method of generating free leads for your business. It is a great way for you to establish some authority within your niche as well. When people search for a specific network marketing topic and it is your article which appears in the search results (especially in the top 5), AND it delivers the answer or information they were looking for, then instantly you will be seen as an expert.

Again one of the most valuable aspects of article marketing is the back links you receive whenever you post an article, which as we have seen, can generate free leads from Google.

4. Free Giveaways.

Another tried and trusted method to generate free leads for your business is to give something away for FREE. This could be a free newsletter, free training, free reports or a free email series. As long as it is relevant to your niche, and has some sort of value to your website visitor, you can give it away. Free giveaways are used by almost all of the successful network marketers out there today!

5. Social media marketing.

Using social media to market your business can be potentially one of the best and most cost effective means of generating free leads, you will use. Best of all its very simple too.

To begin the process set up a personal profile on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, then join some niche related groups. Then similar to the forum marketing method, you simply become involved in the conversations that are taking place. So you can share some tips and add some value to the conversations. Before you know it you will have built up a following of people who like and trust your advice. Then it is simply a matter of timing as to when you market your business to them.

6. Creating and Setting up your Blog

This is another fantastic way of generating loads of free leads for any business, not just network marketing. When you create your blog the best thing to do is to post regular quality content relevant to your particular niche. Once you do this you can begin to build your list of blog subscribers who will be very interested in what you have to say. This blogging method obviously ties in nicely with the free giveaways.

With the correct SEO techniques employed you can soon have your blog ranked highly in the search engines and it won’t take long before you are seen as an expert within your niche.

So there you have it. 6 great ways that show you exactly how to generate free leads for your network marketing business, and you can start today.

Take action now!

All the best

The Importance of Selecting a Right Consultant to Achieve Your Business Objectives

Business consulting firms have a team of experts who excel in conducting a market research and work with the aim to empower their clients with a significant competitive advantage. A business consulting service firm will have several expertise varying from information systems, planning, analysis, strategy formation, performance improvement, operations process and workflow analysis, implementation and project management, web site strategy & web design, financial management and feasibility studies.

Companies can establish themselves firmly in their respective industries with the help of all such services mentioned above, provided by a business consultant. Another important service in demand to compete with competitors is a thorough market research. It is this market research when carried out by a professional i.e. consultant, the strategy formation of a business will be carried out with a well planned and confident manner without needing to take any amount of risk. With their expertise and experience, a consulting firm can also predict the results from a particular move made by a company. Thus, service provided by a consultant has an innovative solution deliberately meant to match your business requirements thereby maximizing your growth and dominate your competition. Such a comprehensive research provides insights to factors that drive your markets and future forecasts.

The professionals in a business consulting services company also help you to take crucial business decisions. There can be several instances when a small decision can affect your business to a great extent in a positive direction. The role of a business consultant extends further, by which collecting the relevant data from authentic sources along with economic, demographic & social statistics that will support your decision making process. Business consulting services can be of enormous support for businesses across all industries. A consulting partner thus help clients in achieving overall business objectives with an assurance those clients are taking the right step.

In recent times, it has become a common practice where we see companies hiring professional business consultants to fill vacant positions or to perform a specific task for their business objectives. There are several cases wherein core business activities such as product marketing, financial planning and quality monitoring have been outsourced to business consultants. The right consultant can help your company improve efficiency, use technology more wisely or help develop a program or plan. Hiring the wrong consultant can have adverse effects such as wasting your time, efforts, money and also causing employee dissatisfaction.

A business consultant is a great resource to improve your company’s sales & growth and are a tremendous resource in tough situations when sales have reduced or stagnant. The most significant aspect of any business return of investment (R.O.I) is achieved by hiring a consultant to move your company to the next stage of business, or improve your current sales performance, marketing, operational and planning processes. Only a good consultant will be able to provide you with a strategic plan for long-term growth while also being able to identify areas that can promote immediate growth. The fundamental question arises for many business owners and hence they wonder, whether am I able to afford a business consultant? Management in several organizations is aware that by devoting extra amount of time and efforts for marketing, web development, strategic planning, and many other activities will increase their current and long-term revenue. However on several occasions, it becomes very difficult to implement these objectives and hence all such planned activities are not pursued aggressively. An additional 20-40 hours devoted monthly by a business partner, i.e. consultant in focused marketing efforts can bring your company a considerable enhanced amount of revenue. However due to efforts not made in many cases, the money is essentially lost to the company. So some sound advice for companies to follow is; do not let the initial cost of a business consultant cloud the potential for future gain. The value a business consultant provides long survives the initial payment and contract.